bookingsMaking a booking with us is simple

Just call our friendly reception and we will confirm escort availability, fees and any special requests you may have, as well as your appointment details.


Prompt payment: To avoid embarrassment, payment should be made within the first 10 minutes after meeting your date. The clock starts when you meet, so trying to delay payment merely reduces the amount of quality time that you have. Our escorts have been instructed to ask for a cancellation fee and leave if you do not pay full within 10 minutes.

Cancellation fees: If, for whatever reason, you don't wish to continue with the date, you must pay a cancellation fee within first 10 minutes after meeting. A cancellation fee also applies, if you cancel a booking after the escort starts traveling to you. The cancellation fee is 50% of the booking fee.

My Secret Tales Escort Rates

1 Hour R4,800 / $550

1 Hours Outcall R5,000 / $550